Pipe upsetting is a process that is applied to the ends of the tubing to allow the pipe to be threaded. The pipe upsetting process is accomplished by heating the ends of the tubing in the upset furnace after which, the heated tube end is put into the upsetter. The tube is held in place by two dyes, and the upsetter forces the punch into end of the heated tube, creating the upset.


Heat Treatment is the controlled heating and cooling of metals to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing the product shape. 

Heat treatment is used to modify properties of materials in addition to hardening and softening. These processes modify the behavior of the steels in a beneficial manner to maximize service life, e.g., stress relieving, or strength properties.

Splendora Pipe Services provides the latest service in Heat Treatment. Splendora Pipe Services offers heat treating services from 2 3/8"- 9 5/8" from range 2 to range 3 pipes.

Splendora Pipe Services Heat Treatment Services are:

  • Normalizing
  • Austenizing, Quenching & Tempering


Splendora Pipe Services offers non-destructive testing and the inspection of oil country tubular goods manufactured to API specifications. Our personnel have extensive experience monitoring the following types of inspections:

  • Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI)

  • Special End Area Inspection (SEA)

  • Full Magnetic Particle Insp. (FLMPI)

  • Visual Thread Inspection (VTI)

  • Full-Length Drift Testing

  • Full-Length Ultrasound Inspection (FLUT)


Hydrostatic pressure testing is performed principally to detect leaks in the pipe and to confirm that the pipe meets a predetermined hydrostatic pressure.

Splendora Pipe Services performs hydrostatic testing on casing and tubing up to pressures of 10,000 PSI. 


Splendora Pipe Services offers API threading services from 2 3/8"- 9 5/8" from range 2 to range 3 pipes. Our multiple thread lines offer EUE, NUE, STC, LTC, BTC and BK Semi-Premium connection.

Splendora Pipe Services uses CNC lathes for the threading and/or machining of tubular products. CNC lathes allow us to produce precision finished products by using special programming and high-quality carbide tooling.

The threading capacity is for all API grades as well as limited service products.


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