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Heat Treatment is the controlled heating and cooling of metals to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing the product shape. 

Heat treatment is used to modify properties of materials in addition to hardening and softening. These processes modify the behavior of the steels in a beneficial manner to maximize service life, e.g., stress relieving, or strength properties.

Splendora Pipe Services provides the latest service in Heat Treatment. Splendora Pipe Services offers heat treating services from 2 3/8"- 9 5/8" from range 2 to range 3 pipes.

Splendora Pipe Services Heat Treatment Services are:

  • Normalizing
  • Austenizing, Quenching & Tempering



Normalization is the process in which carbon steel is heated to 1600°F and then air-cooled. This process assures the steel completely transforms to austenite. Normalizing steel has a relatively high strength and ductility. It also has a higher strength than annealed steel.

 Austenizing, Quenching & Tempering

The process of Quench and Tempering is important because it improves the mechanical properties, hardness and toughness of the alloy material.

The quenching process starts with heating the steel to a temperature at which it changes the grain structure from ferrite to austenite. It then rapidly cools (quenches) to force the austenite to transform to another shape called martensite. This is the high strength structure of steel and the ultimate goal of the process.

Tempering completes the heat-treating process. It helps relieve the stress induced by quenching. Splendora Pipe Services uses induction tempering to achieve the desired hardness and mechanical properties.

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